It is a specialty of dentistry that deals with the placement of titanium dental implants, offering a wide range of solutions to replace lost teeth, adapted to each case.

Considered a breakthrough in dental care, implants are an aesthetically pleasing solution, these solutions allow you to regain your quality of life, your smile and your self-confidence. Preserving oral health

The implant is a screw made of pure titanium and that has been subjected to a special treatment on its surface to ensure bone osseointegration. It is a biocompatible medical prosthesis, suitable to be implanted in the human body and therefore subjected to the most severe sanitary controls from its manufacture until the patient is placed.

It is a piece of high precision, designed to withstand very considerable forces, such as those made by the jaws in the process of chewing and that must meet perfect machining conditions in terms of adjusting your head with the prosthetic parts that must be placed on it , so that there is no kind of slack between them.

For all these reasons it is important to work with implants of recognized quality.

A restored tooth with an implant consists of three parts: the screw, the connector and the crown or sheath.

Dental implants allow bone resorption to occur after losing a tooth, because they stimulate the process of bone remodeling. Furthermore, it is not necessary to abrade the neighboring teeth to make a traditional plural fixed prosthesis on a tooth (fixed bridge), since the implant allows the dental piece to be recovered individually. For this reason, you do not have to worry if the abutment teeth wear out or decay forms, because a crown implant does not occur to you.

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