Tooth Whitening



It is a treatment that achieves the change of shade of the color of the teeth, leaving them whiter and brighter, it is part of esthetic dentistry.

This allows the elimination of stains produced mostly by factors external to the tooth such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, among other substances; However, not all dental stains and obscurations are removable or can be improved through this procedure, the use of whitening techniques are used in the dental office, offering dramatic results.

Whitening techniques change the natural color of the tooth, usually between 2 and 4 shades plus white. Both whitening performed in the office by the professional and performed at home guided by a professional using a tray use a whitening compound. The bleaches contain an active ingredient, generally carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in the concentrations of 10-22%, which help to eliminate stains but each individual responds in a different way to the various whitening techniques. Some people respond well to whitening, while others with grayish teeth or more serious coloration may require porcelain veneers (which is another type of treatment) to achieve the smiles they have always wanted.


Only your dentist can determine what is best for your treatment.



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